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Shimano Unzen Hydriatonic 2L


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The slim and straightforward 2-litre daypack was created for fast off-road riding in demanding terrain. Thanks to its stable fit, it fits perfectly and has room for everything you need.

Rider Fit Cross Harness System
Conventional backpacks have shoulder straps that run directly over the chest muscles. Since these muscles are used relatively intensively when riding, the positioning of conventional shoulder straps is very restrictive. The straps of the Rider Fit Cross Harness belt system are therefore placed exactly in the middle of the chest muscles, eliminating the restriction of freedom of movement caused by conventional shoulder straps. Especially on aggressive off-road rides, freedom of movement is essential, which is guaranteed by the design of the Rider Fit Cross Harness.

Adjustable belt system
Every body is different. That's why Shimano designed the Rider Fit Cross Harness harness system so that it can be adjusted individually all around. Whether man or woman, large or small, the belt system can be optimally adapted to your specific body shape. The lightweight Velcro structure is quickly adjustable and is also lightweight. With the special belt hook, the fit can be adjusted quickly and easily. This allows the belt system to be loosened for ascents and positioned closer to the body for rapid descents.

Adjusting strap
To achieve an ideal fit, you can adjust how tight the backpack should be.


  • Rider Fit X-Harness
  • Nyckelknippa
  • Fastening loop for light
  • quick removal and easy refilling of the drinking system
  • Holder for drinking hose
  • Glove-friendly zippers